• adidas-developed custom wrap for the all-new Lexus RX creates an automotive extension of the “Wakanda Forever” capsule collection
  • adidas S.E.E.D. students reimagine the RX’s interior, taking inspiration from the Marvel Studios movie and with mentorship from Lexus’ Calty Design Research
  • Students’ design realised by 3D printing company Carbon using breakthrough Carbon DLS digital light synthesizing technology
  • Collaborative project filmed by Cami Thomas for a short documentary feature and celebrated with a limited-edition T-shirt designed by adidas S.E.E.D. students
  • by adidas S.E.E.D. students

Lexus today unveils a transformation of its all-new RX 500h F SPORT Performance, inspired by Marvel Studios’ “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.” This unique version of the large luxury SUV has been created in a collaboration between Lexus’ Calty North American design centre, adidas, adidas S.E.E.D. and 3D printing specialists Carbon, coinciding with the new movie’s worldwide release.

The project is in the spirit of Marvel “What Ifs” and helps celebrate the recent launch of adidas’ “Wakanda Forever” collection by bringing its Black Panther designs into the automotive space. Created for the world’s best athletes, adidas’ performance sportswear embodies the question “What If… Wakanda had a national athletics team?”.

The RX has been given a full body wrap that builds on the custom identity adidas has envisioned for the fictional African nation. It features a tribal print in the signature Wakandan purple used throughout the adidas sportswear collection. The bonnet is inlaid with a diamond pattern inspired by the Black Panther’s claw necklace. Characters from the fictional Wakandan alphabet are used for the F SPORT and Lexus badging, including the word “Vibe-Branium,” denoting the model’s full name: the Lexus RX 500h Vibe-Branium

Michael Moore, Lexus International General Manager, commented: “The all-new RX 500h is part of our expanding Lexus Electrified portfolio with evolved, innovative technology that elevates the driver’s experience. There’s an athleticism in the RX’s performance that makes it a perfect fit for joining the “Wakanda Forever” team.”

Students from adidas S.E.E.D. (School for Experiential Education in Design) were challenged to reimagine the vehicle’s interior, again taking the new movie sequel as their inspiration.  They were guided through the creative process by Calty Design Research, Lexus’ North American design centre, with workshops on Lexus design principles, creative processes, colours, materials and the power of collaboration.

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