Automobili Lamborghini wishes Happy Christmas with a new video: “Unexpected emotions are more than just a gift”

 Automobili Lamborghini wishes its social media community Happy Holidays with a new Christmas video. It is a story about genuine bonds and the magic of surprises, featuring a family composed of a child and his parents, grandparents and a very special uncle. A large country house, a majestic Christmas tree, and an atmosphere warmed by lights and decorations. A story with a surprising and totally unexpected ending, in true Lamborghini style.

An unforeseen message, a spontaneous gesture, an authentic demonstration of love. Because when you least expect it, everything doubles in value.

The 2020 Christmas video had garnered over 14 million views on the official Instagram profile and 8.3 million views on YouTube. In 2021, the Lamborghini social media community has grown and strengthened ranking first on Instagram by median post interactions worldwide.

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