If you thought vans were out of style, the Renault Dokker is here to change your mind. Redefining vans as you know them, Renault Dokker is a calculated blend of design, power, performance, and space, which makes it your perfect partner in the journey of your business success. Overall, it is a functional commercial vehicle that promises a dynamic performance and spacious interiors making it easy for you to transport your goods while maintaining the style quotient.

Drive it like a pro, in style: With its harmonious and solid lines in design, the Renault Dokker exemplifies strength and dynamic performance. One look at the van and you’ll know what it is capable of – its high beltline, body side details, and protected headlights give it an assertive and dynamic feel. Renault Dokker is equipped with, quite literally, everything imaginable to make your work easier. With 2x20W radio and Bluetooth® hands-free calling, Renault makes sure you have everything that matters, right at your fingertips.

Featuring cruise control with a speed limiter and practical storage areas – the Dokker enhances your efficiency manifold as your ideal partner in business and progress. 

Ample space for a wiser seating: The van is designed to make transportation as easy as the breeze. It has a liberal loading space that allows you to pack up things and go without giving in to your comfort. So, leave the space-woes to the van and enjoy a ride with all things that matter to you. The seating of the van is so crafted that your loading capacity is maximised to the fullest.

Loading perks for greater transport: The Renault Dokker gives the power in your hands – with a usable volume of 3.3m3 and cargo capacity of 750 kg, which means you never say no to any load you want to take with yourself. Organise your supplies, load up your cargo or take your world along with you, it’s all doable. 

Spend less, enjoy more: The engine of the Renualt Dokker Van has the lowest consumption levels in its class. It has a 1.6 MPI 85 horsepower engine, allowing for very dynamic driving at a very low cost. Within your budget, the van is reliable and strong with a capability of adapting to all circumstances. It makes your drive easier and stress free, so you can focus on the journey. With features like speed limiter, anti-lock braking system, and electronic stability control, it takes care of all possible challenges that you might face while driving.

So why wait, when an all-rounder is here? 

For more information about the Renault Dokker Van, visit your nearest Renault of Arabian Automobiles showroom.

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