Jeep® Avenger: “Concentrated Freedom” digital series – “Create” episode is live

  • After the success of the first episode, the second episode of Jeep’s® digital series, the first ever electric Jeep®, is now available on the brand’s official YouTube channels.
  • The aesthetics of the Jeep® Avenger are on full display: vibrant and muscular exteriors, modern and digital interiors, and various customizable configurations.
  • In addition to Rabea Schif, the second episode “Create” stars the influencer Sofia de Moser Leitão. As they make their way through Garda lake, a connection arises between its evocative art and the Jeep® Avenger’s bold personality.
  • Jeep® Avenger 1st EDITION pre-booking — the exclusive, captivating, and fully loaded launch model – is accessible.

Jeep’s® travel through the Dolomites continues in “Concentrated Freedom”, the digital series dedicated to the new Jeep Avenger—the first ever electric Jeep SUV. In fact, after the success of the first episode,  the second episode – called “Create” – of the mini-series is available starting from today on the brand’s YouTube channels. Produced by Lunartic Productions, the episode stars famous influencers who help us discover the new model’s features in an original and enjoyable way. The second episode is available at this link.

In the second episode – called “Create” – Rabea Schif, the creative consultant and fashion expert, explores the streets surrounding Garda Lake with the influencer Sofia de Moser Leitão. An eccentric and innovative artist, Sofia’s work in ceramic went viral online, and it is precisely her way of seeing the world which take center stage in the chapter. The bright colors of the artist’s work and the inspirations found in her ceramic become a metaphor for the possibilities offered by the Jeep® Avenger to customize the vehicle.

The new Avenger aesthetics are a symbol of the personality of the new Jeep® SUV, which has been designed to be configurable and offer a wide range of customizations. It provides adventure and performance, but superior style as well. The Avenger’s exteriors and the muscular forms of its body stand out and have been enhanced by an exclusive “Sun” (yellow) shade paint job and the contrasting intense “Volcano” (black) roof. It is possible to customize the Avenger in several ways, in line with its claim “make it yours”. In fact, customers can alternate body, mirror caps and rearview mirror colors, that can be matched even with the front grill, and a wide variety of body graphics stickers for the hood, grille, body sides and roof is offered. The exclusive 18” wheels with blue accents are available for an even more exclusive style. Plus, the new Avenger has more than 130 Jeep Authentic Accessories, to give additional possibilities to personalize it in after market.
These details enhance the vehicle, make it unique, and have been combined with the eye-catching design provided by its seven-slot trapezoidal grille, wheel arches, bulging fenders, all characteristic and distinctive elements of Jeep DNA that recall the Brand’s traditional adventurous spirit. These elements are complemented by iconic details such as full-LED front and rear lights, which instantly remind the Avenger model in the common imagination. The combination of all these aesthetic features embodies the essence of vehicle customization, a distinctive element of Jeep Avanger.

The chromatic details are taken back up in the interiors, with the Jeep Avenger 1st Edition playing a major role there: this model features the exclusive two-tone black and yellow seats and add an additional color touch with the yellow hue being echoed in the dashboard. Furthermore, the cabin offers cabin storages that are ideal for any type of object: customers will find a proper place for everything thanks to the numerous compartments, according to its specific needs.

Jeep Avenger boasts best-in-class interior storage space with its 34 liters – the equivalent of a cabin bag – of front space for storing objects. Modern and digital, the Jeep Avenger combines a sense of freedom to an intelligent and well-organized space. Fit for any need, it is enhanced by the presence of ambient light which translates the different driving  modes. Additionally, Jeep Authentic Accessories are also available to futher increase Avenger’s functionality, such as the sporty roof racks or the useful bike carrier.

Lastly, for who wants to be the first to reserve and drive the new Jeep Avenger, the pre-booking of the 1st Edition is available at Jeep official websites.
Avenger 1st Edition fully electric features the full LED front lights, the ambient light, the autonomous driving level 2, a fully digital & connected infotainment systems, the handsfree power liftgate and much more… Yet, it comes with exclusive stylish cues.  

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