The all-new Corolla Cross

  • There is a Corolla for everyone – SUV version of the world’s best seller
  • Toyota Corolla Cross completes the Europe’s largest range of SUV models
  • True SUV look and practicality for family customers
  •  First model to use Toyota’s fifth generation self-charging hybrid electric system, which delivers more power and greater driving pleasure with higher fuel and emissions efficiency
  • New electronics platform supports a new fully digital 12.3-inch driver’s combimeter and Toyota Smart Connect multimedia and infotainment package with 10.5-inch high-definition touchscreen
  • AWD-I drivers with consistent and confident performance in challenging conditions, further peace of mind and a sense of safety and security
  • High level of safety with T-Mate: combination of the latest generation of Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) with new and upgraded functions and the possibility to get Over-The-Air Updates (OTA) as well as additional advanced driving and parking assistance systems


The all-new Corolla Cross is family practical C-SUV that completes the modern Corolla range, giving Toyota an even stronger presence in the European C-segment and the market’s widest range of SUV models. Its introduction alongside the established Corolla hatchback, sedan and Touring Sports shows that there truly is “a Corolla for everyone.”

Developed with Toyota’s TNGA philosophy, it is constructed on the well-proven GA-C platform and offers the essential qualities that have made the Corolla an enduring success. Corolla remains the world’s best-selling automotive nameplate, with more than 50 million global sales across 55 years and 12 generations.

The addition of the Corolla Cross supports Toyota’s sales ambitions in the highly competitive European C-segment. The company is targeting 400,000 annual sales, equivalent to a 9% segment share by 2025.

The new model benefits from the latest advances Toyota has made in hybrid performance, the application of digital technologies and the scope of its safety systems. T-Mate for Corolla Cross combines the latest generation Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) package, which for the 1st time can be updated Over-The-Air and other active driving and parking assistance systems to not only make driving easier and safer, but also to protect all vehicle occupants as well as other road users in various scenarios.

This is the first model featuring the fifth generation of Toyota’s hybrid electric technology which delivers both more power and greater efficiency. The drivetrain – offered with 1.8 and 2.0-litre hybrid petrol engines – has been calibrated for more rewarding driveability matching European drive scenarios, with a closer and more natural relationship between the driver’s use of the throttle and the car’s acceleration. The proven dynamic quality of the GA-C platform adds to the driving rewards.

The 1.8-litre version* is exclusively front-wheel drive; the 2.0-litre offers the option of Toyota’s intelligent all-wheel drive (AWD-i) which has been upgraded with a more powerful (40 DIN hp and 84 Nm) rear electric motor to provide even more secure performance when cornering and pulling away on low-grip surfaces.

The Corolla Cross will appeal to young families who seek a practical and versatile vehicle that is easy to live with day-to-day. The exterior projects a robust Toyota SUV look while the interior is a light and open space. The boot is capacious and designed for easy access.

The model marks the first appearance of Toyota’s new 12.3-inch fully digital combimeter (standard on all versions) which the driver can personalise both for content and appearance. Similarly, there is also a new Toyota Smart Connect multimedia and infotainment system with faster response, a 12.3-inch touchscreen display, access to connected services and easy smartphone integration, provided as standard.

European sales of Corolla Cross will commence in Autumn 2022 depending on the market.

* 1.8-litre version initially only available in Israel and Turkey.


Toyota is committed to carbon neutrality with the elimination of CO2 emissions from the vehicles it manufacturers and its global business operations. To achieve this ambitious goal, it recognises that a single solution is not the answer: diverse options need to be provided to suit the diverse needs and circumstances of people around the world.

Issues such as the availability of energy sources, in particular renewables, local energy infrastructure, affordability and individual mobility requirements need to be addressed. To help ensure that meaningful emissions reductions can be delivered on the journey to zero carbon, Toyota has a multi-technology strategy, applying the leadership in electrified vehicle engineering it has established over the past quarter of a century.

Toyota has made huge investments in battery technology, not just to power a new generation of battery electric vehicles, such as the new bZ4X SUV, but also to support alternative low carbon solutions including the latest generation self-charging hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) such as the new Corolla Cross. These affordable and accessible models have an important role to play in helping maintain and accelerate the pace of CO2 reductions as society transitions to zero emission mobility. By 2025 Toyota intends HEVs and PHEVs to account for 80% of its new vehicle sales in Western Europe, with 10% being zero emission vehicles (ZEVs). By 2030, the aim is for ZEVs to command 50% of sales in the region and for Toyota’s manufacturing plants to be carbon neutral; five years later Toyota’s target is for 100% of new car sales to be ZEVs.

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