• With the promotional film for New DS 7, DS Automobiles is showing an immersive new experience in the French art of travel.
  • This cross-media campaign sets out to meet the urge to travel in explorers who seek out luxury.
  • A preview of the film can be seen now, before it’s shown on television:

DS Automobiles is showing a new promotional film for the launch of New DS 7. This strategic campaign marks a turning point.

Until now centred around French luxury expertise, showing the remarkable involvement and application of the DS Automobiles women and men in the design of both high-tech and refined new models, the message is developing to demonstrate the unique experience before, during and after travel, through exceptional products and a bespoke services offering.

French luxury expertise is becoming the French art of travel.

Designed for luxury-seeking explorers in search of distinction, who wish to travel through the world and make the most of every moment of their journey, this new campaign connects refinement and culture to showcase the French lifestyle and a different way of appreciating life.

The overall narrative of the campaign, which can be viewed on and offline, suggests discovering unique experiences with New DS 7 through the symbolism of the model and lifestyle that conveys the French art of travel.

New DS 7 appears as a metaphor for a paintbrush sliding over the empty pages of a travel journal. The memories take shape by degrees, gradually as it journeys through hills and parades in front of a headlamp until arriving at the Pavillon Sully, in front of the Louvre Pyramid. Through its journey, New DS 7 sketches the outlines of a delicate watercolour, made up of water and pigment in varying shades.

The soundtrack picks up the notes of the Marche des Rois, a song from Provence describing the journey of the Three Kings. Written by Joseph-François Domergue and set to music by Jean-Baptiste Lully in the 18th century, the theme was then adapted by Georges Bizet for L’Arlésienne (The Girl from Arles). The same notes have been reorchestrated to accompany New DS 7’s journey.

The story will be continued on social media with a campaign called Travel Journal, meeting personalities acknowledged in the world of French savoir-faire.

The campaign will be broadcast on television from Friday 9 September, then it will be adapted on different media from the sales launch in the forty countries where DS Automobiles is active.

New DS 7 comes to DS STORES from Friday 16 September with an extensive range of interiors characterised by remarkable refinement and a wide range of powertrains, including E-TENSE plug-in hybrid versions with 225, 300 and 360 horsepower for up to 81 km of driving in zero emissions mode (WLTP EAER City).

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