Tonale is ready for action: test drive it and fall in love with the new “Live Unpredictably” global campaign

  • At all Alfa Romeo dealers on the weekend of June 11-12, customers will finally be able to check out the Tonale, the brand’s first electrified C-SUV and the model that marks the Brand’s metamorphosis.
  • Dedicated test drives will allow customers to appreciate its road capabilities: dynamic driving and Alfa Romeo’s trademark agility. Electrification has been made with the brand’s DNA in mind for an authentic hybrid driving experience.
  • In support of its commercial launch, the global advertising campaign “Algorithm” is now airing. In an era in which algorithms govern our daily lives, there are emotions which cannot be controlled. link

Starting on Saturday June 11th, the Alfa Romeo Tonale will be available for viewing and test drives at the entire Alfa Romeo dealership network. The brand’s first electrified C-SUV, the Tonale has been made to provide dynamic driving and Alfa Romeo’s trademark agility, all while offering an authentic hybrid driving experience. Cutting-edge technologies and software that make it the most connected Alfa Romeo ever, with a completely new infotainment system, which has been designed to offer “Over The Air” updates and Amazon Alexa integration.

The Tonale can already be ordered in the Hybrid configuration with a 130 CV, 1.5 4-cylinder engine on the Super and Sprint versions. Meanwhile, a 160 CV engine is available on the Ti and Veloce. For both power levels, the engine is paired with the new dual-clutch, 7-speed automatic transmission with a built-in 48-volt 15-kW, 55-Nm “P2” electric engine (135 Nm thanks to the 2.5:1 transmission ratio), which can propel the wheels even when the internal combustion engine is turned off.

The same engines can also be ordered in the “Edizione Speciale” launch edition: a version dedicated to early customers, extremely rich in technological content and connectivity, characterized by typical Alfa Romeo sportiness.

Alfa Romeo has redefined its pricing strategy with the goal of ensuring total transparency with its customers via a direct price and commercial actions check. The Tonale comes fully loaded with high-quality contents which are capable of satisfying the most demanding customers.

The commercial offer has been made to be clear and transparent with customer service and loyalty in mind. Additionally, the financial proposal from FCA Bank, with monthly payments, always includes an extended warranty. Finally, with the Rental offer from LEASYS, it is possible to enjoy driving without the costs and burdens of owning a car.

“Live Unpredictably” – The Tonale’s new global ad campaign

Emotions have always been at the heart of Alfa Romeo’s mission, and this is demonstrated once again in the Tonale’s new global ad campaign, which started airing yesterday and was created by Havas Milan.

From the very fact that the new Tonale Hybrid is the most connected Alfa Romeo ever comes the creative idea: in a world where technology, through algorithms, knows and directs our choices by making them predictable, the new Alfa Romeo Tonale shows how emotions can continue to guide us.

In the commercial, the daily routine is punctuated by the voice of the algorithm that claims to predict, suggest and direct all our choices. Yet, something unpredictable happens: with the Alfa Romeo Tonale, this pattern is interrupted. The algorithm does not know us so well that it can interpret our emotions: technology turns into passion, and our choices can continue to make our lives unpredictable: “Live unpredictably” is the campaign claim.

The Alfa Romeo Tonale launch spot – released in a special 60” version – represents a further step in the path of the new strategy undertaken by the Brand, characterized by a new communication approach – in terms of storytelling, image treatment and tone of voice – relevant, distinctive and immediately recognizable.

The musical choice, which is a tribute to Italian culture, one of the Brand’s core values, is also a distinctive element of this journey. The soundtrack is a fascinating contemporary recording of the Italian classic, “Amandoti”, which was made just for the brand.

The campaign, which will have global planning later this year, has been declined with a 360-degree approach, from TV to print, from billboards to the digital world.

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