Alfa Romeo Tonale hybrid: everything that energy moves

  • The Alfa Romeo Tonale, the brand’s first electrified C-SUV, is the model which symbolizes the brand’s metamorphosis. Its debut on the road is symbolically taking place in the places where Alessandro Volta invented the battery, the first static generator of electricity.
  • Tonale is the first milestone of the “zero to zero” process, being Alfa Romeo the fastest mover in the automotive industry coming from 0% electric vehicles in the range to 0% emissions in 5 years.
  • The Hybrid engine with the brand-new and exclusive 48-volt VGT (Variable Geometry Turbo) hybrid propulsion system, specific to Alfa Romeo and capable of transmitting motion to the wheels even when the internal combustion engine is off, is being put to the test. The electric system was conceived to be at the service of the brand and its DNA, offering an authentic hybrid driving experience.
  • Driving dynamics and agility of an authentic Alfa Romeo thanks to specific technical solutions: the most direct steering in its segment, a brake-by-wire system for regenerative braking, “Dynamic Torque Vectoring” and the “Alfa Active Suspension” electronic suspensions, with specific geometry, characteristic angles and stiffness.
  • The Tonale is the most technological Alfa Romeo ever. It is the first vehicle to ever be equipped with an NFT digital certificate, top-level connectivity and an innovative infotainment system, designed to offer “Over The Air” updates and integration with Amazon Alexa. With a total size of 22.5″, the two large Full TFT screens represent the “best in class” in the segment.
  • Super, Sprint, Ti and Veloce: four distinctive trims, four names rooted in Alfa Romeo tradition. Each version responds to the needs of a customer looking for a true symbiosis with their car. The Tonale marks the debut of a new, simple and highly distinctive trim structure.
  • Tonale can now be ordered in the Hybrid configuration 4-cylinder 1.5-liter engine with a 130 hp on the Super and Sprint version, or with 160 hp on the Ti and Veloce, both paired with the new dual-clutch 7-speed automatic transmission with a built-in 48-volt 15-kW, 55-Nm “P2” electric motor (135 Nm thanks to the 2.5:1 transmission ratio).
  • Available on both power levels is the exclusive “EDIZIONE SPECIALE” launch version, extremely rich in technological content and connectivity, characterized by the typical Alfa Romeo sportiness.
  • Thanks to FCA Bank financial services and Leasys mobility services, it is possible to hop on board the Tonale without any thoughts related to the car management, simply with a monthly instalment.
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The Tonale’s power makes its debut on the road in Tempio Voltiano, the celebrated location of Alessandro Volta’s inventions in the beautiful setting of Lake Como. A symbolic location to highlight the brand’s “metamorphosis”, it was here more than 200 years ago that the Italian scientist created his most famous invention: the battery, the first generator of dynamic electricity. A scientific landmark in modern history, this instrument allows our technological civilization to function.  A precursor to the concept of sustainability, Alessandro Volta obsessively studied nature in order to replicate it for the benefit of humanity. This innovative approach, which is fully embraced by Alfa Romeo, demonstrates how, with its “mechanical creations”, sustainable technological development must imitate nature and take inspiration from it in order to adapt and live in harmony with it. Therefore, the Italian brand’s latest chapter couldn’t help but begin in Tempio Voltiano. With Tonale, Alfa Romeo has radically evolved and launched itself into a new, technological, sustainable and electrified era.

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The Tonale’s road capabilities are clear. The technology and connectivity on board make it the most technological Alfa Romeo to date. It combines quality and attention-to-detail with dynamic features to reinvent sportiness in the 21st century.

ENERGY IS AT THE SERVICE OF THE BRAND’S DNA. Alfa Romeo has entered into the age of electrification while staying loyal to the brand’s own DNA of Italian sportiness thanks to the state-of-the-art electrification system which was created to serve the brand and its audacious attitude.

An exclusive for Alfa Romeo, the 160-hp 48v Hybrid VGT (Variable-Geometry Turbo) engine is making its debut. The 1.5 liter-gasoline engine with a variable-geometry turbocharger is paired with 7-speed Alfa Romeo TCT dual-clutch transmission and the 48-volt 15-kW and 55-Nm “P2” electric motor (135 Nm thanks to the 2.5:1 transmission ratio) and is able to propel the wheels even when the internal combustion engine is turned off. Thanks to this technical feature the Tonale offers an authentic electric experience. It even performs impressively: at 0 – 100 km/h the timer stops after 8.8 seconds and the maximum speed reaches over 210 km/h.
It is also available in the 130 CV hybrid version with a 7-speed Alfa Romeo TCT dual-clutch transmission and the 48-volt “P2” electric motor; in this case, the acceleration is 0 – 100 km/h in 9.9 seconds with a maximum speed of 195 km/h.

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DYNAMIC DRIVING IS “ALFA ROMEO”. Its careful weight distribution and the most direct steering in its segment (13,6:1) ensure that the Tonale performs perfectly on the road, placing it at the top of its class in terms of driving dynamics. Moreover, it is the only model in its category equipped with the Integrated Brake System (IBS) and offers aluminum shift paddles, integral with the steering column. The 4-piston fixed calipers by Brembo, the self-ventilated discs at the front and full discs at the rear provide impeccable braking performance. The new Tonale Hybrid is equipped with front-wheel drive and offers standard Alfa Romeo Dynamic Torque Vectoring and FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) shock absorbers. Alternatively, the “Dual Stage Valve” active suspension with electronically controlled damping are available. In both cases, the suspension scheme provides for a MacPherson-type architecture on both axles. The Tonale’s technological makeup is characterized by exclusive technical features which enhance the vehicle’s sportiness and guarantee a unique and engaging driving experience for the client in full respect of Alfa Romeo tradition.

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In a worldwide exclusive, NFT (Non-Fungible-Token) technology makes its debut in the Tonale. An entirely new feature in the automotive sector, Alfa Romeo is the first manufacturer to link a NFT digital certificate to a vehicle. The technology is based on the concept of the “blockchain card”, a confidential and unmodifiable digital register where the main information of each vehicle gets recorded. This ready-to-use, sustainable and distinctive off-board feature underscores Alfa Romeo’s capacity for innovation. Based on the customer’s selection, the NFT generates a certification in which the data of the vehicle’s lifetime gets recorded. This certification can be used to ensure that the vehicle has been well-maintained and therefore supports its residual value. The NFT verification is seen on the pre-owned car market as a further source of credibility which aids the owner/reseller, but also reassures the buyer when choosing a second-hand vehicle.

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The best software and connectivity are included in order to offer the brand’s trademark exciting driving experience, ensuring both a comfortable and connected experience. The Tonale adopts next-generation electronic architecture which is capable of system and program updates in “over-the-air” mode, adding new contents to the original configuration as soon as they come available. Standing out among the technological innovations, Alexa built-in voice AI provides the convenience of hands-free, voice-initiated interactions, making it easier keep hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. . By simply asking Alexa, Tonale customers can control vehicle functions including play music, listen to audiobooks, get directions, check traffic, manage their smart home devices, and more. Customers can interact with their vehicles naturally and say things like, “Alexa, find the closest gas station” or “Alexa, play my road trip playlist” or “Alexa, call Mom.”. With the Alexa ‘MyAlfa’ skill, customers can also receive ongoing updates on vehicle status from the comfort of their home, find out the level of charge and/or fuel, search for points of interest, find the car’s latest location, send remote locking and unlocking commands, and much more.  Over time, new features and capabilities will be delivered seamlessly through over-the-air software updates.

There is also the standard, brand-new, built-in Infotainment system which offers content, functionality and up-to-date services thanks to the customizable Android operating system and the 4G connectivity with “Over The Air” (OTA) updates. The system is made up of a completely digital 12.3” screen and a 10.25” main touchscreen which, with a total size of 22.5”, is the largest in the segment.
Plus, the sophisticated and fluid multitasking interface allows the driver to have all the information within view without taking one’s eyes off the road, providing a “smartphone-like” experience.


Alfa Romeo Tonale will offer a renewed range logic at the commercial launch, distinguished by two trims – Super and Ti – whose identities are distinct and well-defined in order to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. The Super trim, the gateway to the unique Alfa Romeo experience, can be customized by adopting the Sprint pack, which includes numerous options with a strong sporty connotation. On the other hand, the Ti trim, with a more elegant and distinctive connotation, can be enriched with the Veloce pack to reach the maximum in terms of performance and sportiness.  In line with the logic of simplification and rationalization of the range, Tonale’s pricing approach also embraces a simplified and transparent linear strategy with the customer from the moment of purchase throughout the customer journey. The price of the “SPECIAL” edition of Tonale will be the same in the main European markets.

Also available in the exclusive “EDIZIONE SPECIALE” launch version

Only during the launch phase, Tonale will also be available in the exclusive launch version “EDIZIONE SPECIALE”, extremely rich in technological content and connectivity, characterized by the typical Alfa Romeo sportiness and will be offered on both power levels, 130 and 160 HP.

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