Inspired by Light: Bugatti Reveals Two Bespoke Sur Mesure Creations

Bugatti’s official Sur Mesure customization program, launched in 2021, offers an entirely new level of customer personalization. Today, two of the program’s latest bespoke commissions are uncovered.

No two hyper sports cars to exit the Molsheim Atelier are the same. As a result of ever-increasing customer demand for personalized Bugatti automobiles, this has never been more true. A growing collection of new carbon fiber finishes, hand-painted motifs and luxuriously embroidered leather cabins are born from close collaboration between Bugatti customers and the Sur Mesure team.

Continuing to showcase the depth of its ability to customize its hyper sports cars, today Bugatti reveals two new models to have received the full Sur Mesure treatment: a Chiron Super Sport1 and Chiron Pur Sport2 with intricate hand-painted “Vagues de Lumière” paintwork.

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