‘Hidden Faces’ series on ŠKODA Storyboard: the people behind ŠKODA Design

The ŠKODA Storyboard platform presents a series of articles on design professions, including digital modellers and vehicle lighting designers
› The content on the ŠKODA Storyboard is freely available to the media and fans of the brand without needing to register

Mladá Boleslav, 19 April 2022 – Designing a new ŠKODA model goes far beyond developing the body and interior and involves employees from many departments working together. On the ŠKODA Storyboard, the ‘Hidden Faces’ series presents how their work shapes the current ŠKODA design in various ways.

The series comprises seven articles with exclusive photographs and takes readers behind the scenes of the ŠKODA Design department, where user interface designers, headlight designers and modellers work out of the spotlight. They design virtual models using digital technologies and build models from clay. Experts responsible for presentations and logistics are introduced alongside teams and specialists who select colours and materials for the interior. In addition, the series presents specialists who coordinate the cooperation or purchase tools for the department, which mostly works on top-secret models.

“Every member of our team plays a significant role in creating the distinctive look of our vehicles and the emotions they evoke. I am delighted that fans of the brand will be able to learn more about our department’s diverse activities through the ‘Hidden Faces’ series.”

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