• This spring, Citroën is presenting its new C-Series collection, a special edition that will be available on C3, C3 Aircross, C4 and C5 Aircross.
  • This new collection expands Citroën’s offering with a landmark series at the heart of the Citroën range.
  • It is targeted at customers who are looking for a distinguished option with a generous range of comfort equipment and a true style signature. Another feature that ensures this special edition stands out is the inclusion of upper equipment based on Feel Pack versions in Europe as well as unique colours and materials on both the exterior and interior of the vehicle such as the new Bronze Anodised Pack Color.
  • C-Series vehicles are now available as part of the C3, C3 Aircross, C4 and C5 Aircross product catalogues, across all engine types.

This new C-Series collection is available across a wide choice of models: C3, C3 Aircross, C4, ë-C4, C5 Aircross and C5 Aircross Hybrid. Positioned at the core of the market, between the Feel Pack and Shine Pack levels, it proposes additional equipment as standard to boost occupants’ well-being and peace of mind, with unique colours and materials based on an existing version.

The C in C-Series is obviously a reference to the C of Citroën, as well as standing for Comfort, one of the brand’s essential key pillars. The C also stands for Connectivity, for a Calm, relaxed driving experience, and for the Character that defines the models’ unique identity.

“Citroën regularly creates limited series for its models with equipment and accessories that add value, coupled with a unique colour pack. Highly appreciated by our customers since its commercial launch in mid-2020 on C3 Aircross, the C-Series has been enlarged to other models of the range. In under two years, almost 39,000 vehicles from this collection have been sold worldwide. This new 2022 edition with its exclusive Anodised Bronze colour pack will be a core part of our 2022 range.”

Pierre Monferrini, Director of Citroën Range

For this new edition, Citroën has developed a new Anodised Bronze Pack Color, which lends both elegance and dynamism to the entire vehicle with deep bronze accents. And to highlight its distinctive nature, 2022 C-Series models feature an embossed badge with the name of the limited series, located on the front wings or on the front doors depending on the model. Equipment levels are also enhanced depending on the model and regional requirements.


Since the launch of the third generation of C3 in 2016, Citroën’s best-seller has already won over more than a million customers around the world and was in the top three most-sold models in 2021 across the major markets of France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Denmark, Slovakia and Bulgaria.

Its success stems from its unique robust hatchback style, with its high, horizontal front block, its high ground clearance, its anti-impact side Airbumps®, its wheel arches and its large bumper shields, as well as from the sensation of on-board well-being it creates, with its spaciousness, generous seats and its Citroën typed suspensions. Another strength is its wide range of customisation combinations, appealing to customers who value the ability to have a vehicle that suits their tastes.

The new Citroën C3 C-Series, based on the Feel Pack version in Europe, gives the city car accents of Anodised Bronze, a deep bronze that gives it pace and dynamism. This new Pack Color includes effects on the contour of the roof sticker, the side Airbumps®, the fog lamp bezels, the quarter panel stickers and the new “C-Series” badge located at the bottom of the driver door wing mirror.

The interior of C3 C-Series is even more stylish. It features an elegant new dashboard cover from the Saint James special edition, coated in Alba TEP (plastic coated fabric, durable technical textile) with white topstitching and a satin chrome surround cerclage. It retains the standard ambience with Mica Grey fabric.

It also retains the 16’’ Matrix diamond-cut alloy wheels. The dark tinted rear windows, electric folding wing mirrors and electric sequential front window regulators are all little extras that make everyday driving easier.

The Rear Park Assist and the Visibility Pack reduce the driver’s mental load to enable total driving safety.

Options include a two-tone roof (an Onyx Black roof with Polar White, Steel Grey, Sand and Platinium Grey body colour or an Opal White roof with the Perla Nera Black body colour), heated seats, Connect Nav, Connect Box and Active Safety Brake. The Active Safety Brake, Front Sensors and Blind Spot Monitoring System are available in the United Kingdom.

C3 C-Series is now available in the catalogue from €19,400 incl. tax.


Citroën C3 Aircross is a key player in the B-SUV segment. With almost 77,000 registrations in 2021, it represents 16% of Citroën’s passenger cars. It is renowned for its versatility and suitability for a wide range of tasks, its roominess, its modularity and its market-leading comfort. C3 Aircross was the inaugural vehicle in the Citroën C-Series special edition in 2020.

The new special C-Series version gives it an even bolder character, including new 16’’ X Cross Full Diamond Cut alloy wheels in Europe (except the UK, where it is fitted with X Cross Diamond Full Black wheels).

In addition to its assertive front end and its adventurous spirit, it is C3 Aircross’s potential for customization that appeals to customers. 25% of customers choose a two-tone exterior and 20% opt for a Pack Color. It seemed only natural for 2022’s C-Series to feature a new Pack Color, Anodised Bronze, which appears on the front bumper inserts, the rear-view mirror shells and the new 3D “C-Series” badge on the upper section of the front doors.

The inside reveals a refined Mica Grey ambience with fabric-upholstered seats and an Origami Gris Delice TEP dashboard, as well as front and rear floor mats as standard.

All Feel Pack version options – including Grip Control with Hill Assist Descent to emphasise its adventurous character and enable true all-terrain driving, the Connect Box service (which provides emergency calls and assistance) and the two-tone roof for even greater customisation – are included in the C3 Aircross C-Series catalogue.

C3 Aircross C-Series is designed for cities and the open road alike, whether for the daily commute or for heading off on holiday. It is available from €23,900 incl. tax. The special edition is available with all Feel Pack version engine types and a choice of five exterior colours (Platinium Grey, Steel Grey, Polar White, Khaki Grey and Perla Nera Black) in Europe (except Finland, Norway and Sweden) and Japan.


Prized for the on-board comfort of its Advanced Comfort seats, its unrivalled spaciousness and its double progressive hydraulic cushion suspension, C4 embodies Citroën’s expertise and modernity. It is also notable for its ë-C4 electric version, which accounts for 35% of the compact hatchback’s European orders (from October 2021 to February 2022).

The C4 C-Series special edition is evolving with the integration of the Anodised Bronze Pack Color as well as new equipment. Based on the Feel Pack level in France, C4 C-Series and ë-C4 C-Series both propose the new colour pack, which highlights the fog lamps and front door threshold protectors. The front wings of the vehicle also wear the C-Series badge. Five body colours are available: Polar White, Steel Grey, Platinium Grey, Perla Nera Black and Iceland Blue.

In the passenger compartment, C4 and ë-C4 C-Series becomes endowed with the Urban Grey ambience, bringing style and elegance to the seats with its grey chevron fabric and black leather-effect textile trim, the Citroën Smart Pad Support with its shell and the auto-dimming rear-view mirror.

In terms of options, all Feel Pack version options are available in addition to the Glossy Black Colour Pack.

C4 C-Series is available from €28,650 incl. tax and ë-C4 C-Series from €38,650 incl. tax.


C5 Aircross reaffirmed its success in 2021 with a hybrid version that was chosen by 45% of customers.

With the launch of the new 2022 collection, the SUV is also offering the new Anodised Bronze Pack Color, which replaces the Anodised Deep Red colour. The new colour is found on the Airbumps®, the airscoops on the front bumper and the “C-Series” badge on the front left of the vehicle.

C5 Aircross expresses the C-Series’ Comfort through the combination – as standard – of Citroën Advanced Comfort suspension, guaranteeing a truly smooth and “flying-carpet”-style drive, and Advanced Comfort Wild Black seats (combining a SAO Black 3D mesh and a Grey leather-effect fabric on the backrest upper) with both high-density foam and extra-thick foam to create an elegant, modern design that recalls the shape of the Airbumps®.

C-Series’ Connectivity is reflected in the inclusion as standard of Citroën My Drive navigation on a new 10’’ HD screen compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, as well as My Citroën Assist (SOS & Assistance Pack included).

And finally, the inclusion of the Blind Spot Monitoring System is a practical addition contributing to C5 Aircross C-Series’s Calm, relaxed driving experience.

As a core offering, it is available with the 225 ë-EAT8 Plug-in Hybrid engine as well as petrol- and diesel-only engines (PureTech 130 S&S EAT8 and BVM6; BlueHDi 130 S&S EAT8 and BVM6).   

Citroën C5 Aircross C-Series is available to order from €32,500 incl. tax and C5 Aircross Hybrid from €43,400 incl. tax.

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