Feel-good Comfort as Standard: Opel Mokka-e in Winter Weather

 Head into snow-covered mountains with an electric car? Is that a good idea? Absolutely: the compact Opel Mokka-e is dynamic, powerful and offers plenty of cosy comfort, even in frosty weather. It’s the right electric car for a trip into the snow of the Allgäu or the Alps. With the excitingly styled Mokka-e, driver and passengers not only turn heads wherever they go, they are also always on the road emissions-free. While the snowstorm rages outside, it is always pleasantly warm inside for everyone. Because the Mokka-e has numerous heating systems on board.

(Pre)heating made easy: Via app and heat pump

It starts even before the journey: if you want to climb straight into a comfortably preheated car and drive off in winter, the battery-electric Mokka-e is the right choice. Owners of the e‑car can use the myOpel app to programme the pre-heating of the interior from the comfort of their couch before setting off. Within a few minutes, the car cabin not only reaches a comfortable temperature, but the windows are also ice-free in frosty conditions.

At the same time, efficient energy management is necessary, especially in winter, to keep the Mokka-e’s energy consumption low and the range high. To do this, simply switch on the pre-temperature control while the Opel e-car is connected to the external power supply via a household socket, a wallbox or a fast charger. This way, the energy required for heating comes from the external power supply and the full electric range of up to 338 kilometres (according to WLTP1) is available at the start. Thanks to the heat pump fitted as standard, the waste and lost heat generated can be used to heat the interior without having to switch on a conventional heating, which would compromise range.

On-the-road comfort and safety: Heating technologies in Mokka-e

You can simply sit back and enjoy the drive. The multi-adjustable, optionally heated comfort seats are a feel-good, health and safety feature all in one. Thanks to the optional seat heating for driver and front passenger, the winter jacket can be taken off even before the journey begins. This means that no thick clothing restricts freedom of movement and the seat belt can be fitted snugly to the body without any slack – this is the only way it can develop its full protective effect in the event of a collision. Safety is also enhanced by the heated steering wheel, which warms the fingers in just a few seconds. This means the driver no longer needs to wear annoying gloves and always has everything firmly under control. And standard footwell heating in the rear ensures that passengers’ feet stay warm during the journey.

Use the descent: Generate energy with braking recuperation system

In addition to the feel-good arguments offered by the Opel Mokka-e, there is also responsible driving pleasure with the compact electric model – especially in the mountains. The agility and road holding of the Opel Mokka-e are additional benefits in hilly terrain. The battery is installed in the underbody for a particularly low centre of gravity. So the car seems to corner as if on rails. The “Golden Steering Wheel 2021”2 winner is powered by a 100 kW (136 hp) electric motor. While internal combustion engine models first have to get back up to speed out of tight hairpin bends, the electric SUV has 260 Nm of torque at its disposal even from a standstill – guaranteeing driving fun on serpentine roads.

The Mokka-e also distinguished by its talents for energy recuperation and deceleration. The electric motor becomes a generator and converts the kinetic energy of descent into electricity. If the driver shifts into drive mode B, recuperation and deceleration is increased. The 50 kWh battery is recharged at zero cost – and energy saved for the next ascent.

With all these technologies, Opel Mokka-e drivers and passengers can set off into the snow-covered mountains in comfort, efficiently and emissions-free, with lots of driving fun before they hit the slopes.

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