In addition to the 5008 fleets that the police and gendarmerie forces have been kitted out with since last year, the French Ministry of the Interior has taken delivery of the first 395 screen-printed PEUGEOT 3008 Plug-in Hybrids for the Gendarmerie Nationale. The rechargeable hybrid engine will now be used in screen-printed intervention vehicles, in addition to a massive rollout of unmarked versions in 2020.

These new deliveries are a sign that the 3008 Plug-in Hybrids meet the specifications of a demanding organisation in terms of reliability and performance, as well as good residual value.

This order is also in line with the fleet’s electrification approach and the push to equip it with vehicles manufactured in France and offering the best level of performance. With a cumulative power of 225 bhp, a torque of 360 Nm and the discreet approach capability during patrols in electric mode, the Gendarmerie’s 3008 Hybrids are an important development for intervention vehicles

The 395 vehicles ordered have the following characteristics:

  • PEUGEOT 3008 Hybrid 225 eAT8, Allure finish
  • Rechargeable Hybrid engine: 225 hp
  • WLTP electric range: up to 56 km
  • Battery power: 90 kW
  • Battery capacity: 13.2 kWh
  • Maximum combined fuel consumption WLTP: 1.4 l/100km
  • Maximum combined CO2 emission WLTP: 32 g/km
  • Specific colour Celestial blue
  • Screen-printed with “GENDARMERIE NATIONALE
  • Operationally specific fittings

The vehicles are manufactured for the Ministry of the Interior at the Stellantis factory in Sochaux, and converted by the EGP in Hordain, the bodywork manufacturer referenced for all of the Group’s screen-printed vehicles.

Additional supplies are already planned for the first quarter of 2022 for the Gendarmerie and the Police.

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