New Opel Astra Sports Tourer: Top Design Down to Smallest Detail

 The new Opel Astra Sports Tourer is a designer piece and at the same time an all-rounder in everyday life. The next generation of the compact class bestseller is the first Opel estate to be electrified and the first with the unmistakable Opel Vizor brand face. In addition, the sports estate from Rüsselsheim will be optionally available in stylish two-tone paint. Like that of the five-door model soon to make its debut at dealerships, the Sports Tourer’s interior is also a leap forward in every respect. For the first time, drivers will find the fully digital Pure Panel cockpit in front of them – the next generation of the fully connected and intuitively operable Human Machine Interface (HMI). Utilising the integrated Snapdragon® Cockpit Platform from Qualcomm Technologies, the Pure Panel cockpit features enhanced graphics, multimedia, computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to provide a more integrated, contextually aware and constantly adaptive cockpit system that evolves to its passengers’ preferences.

“With its bold and pure design, inside and out, our new Astra Sports Tourer makes a real statement: precise, high-quality and at the same time extremely practical. Every line, every detail has been meticulously designed. This turns our newcomer into a stylish sports estate that sparks emotions,” says Opel Vice President Design Mark Adams.


Bold and pure: Opel Vizor and two-tone paintwork sharpen the look

Like its five-door hatchback sibling, the new Opel Astra Sports Tourer has a solid, wide stance. The overall lines emphasise its sporty, stretched look. This starts with the characteristic new brand face. Specially developed for the latest generation of the compact class model, the Opel Vizor defines the front. As the central exterior design element, it follows the Opel Compass where the vertical and horizontal axes – the sharp crease in the hood and the wing shaped graphic of the daylight running lamps – intersect with the Opel Blitz emblem in the middle. Stretching across the front, making the new Astra look even wider, the Vizor also seamlessly integrates new technologies such as the optional ultra-slim Intelli-Lux LED® headlamps and the front camera of the 360-degree Intelli-Vision system.

Viewed from the side, the Astra Sports Tourer looks especially dynamic. Strong wheel arch blisters give the estate a muscular yet pure and bold look, emphasising its firm grip on the road. The pronounced forward rake of the wide rear pillars accentuates the Sports Tourer’s ‘ready to pounce’ stance. At the rear, the Opel Compass is repeated by the centrally mounted Blitz, the vertically aligned brake lamp and the ultra-slim LED tail lamps featured on all Astra models.

Emotional everyday hero: Beautiful design can be this practical

Sparking emotions while offering superb practicality for customers – the new Astra Sports Tourer was designed to combine the best of both worlds. The new-generation estate designers’ goal was to make it a real eye-catcher, while at the same time – like all its predecessors – fully exploit its proven strength, its suitability for everyday use.

Mission accomplished: with vital statistics of 4,642 x 1,860 x 1,480 millimetres (L x W x H) and a loading height of around 600 mm, the practical new Astra Sports Tourer further strengthens Opel’s leading reputation in the estate market sector and also displays the brand’s typical talent for efficient packaging. To keep the loading sill low, the number plate, for example, is not located in the bumper – unlike in the five-door model – but in the tailgate. This makes it easier to load the completely flat rear compartment with luggage or equipment. And despite the considerably longer wheelbase of 2,732 mm (+70 mm) that is even 57 mm longer than that of the new Astra hatchback and increases cabin comfort for passengers, the new Astra Sports Tourer is 60 mm shorter than the previous model, thanks to the particularly short front overhang.  

“Despite its compact dimensions, the new Astra Sports Tourer looks almost as long as an Insignia – even though it is a good deal shorter. We achieve this visual impression by using flowing, elegant lines, combined with a distinct two-tone roof execution, which is available for the first time in the compact estate class,” says Mark Adams. The colour-contrast option for the roof and body is not only new for the Astra Sports Tourer, this innovation in the compact-class estate segment also gives the newcomer an even more sleek and stretched look on the road.

“Detox to the max”: Pure Panel with full connectivity and intuitive operation

The pure and bold, reduced to the essentials look is also echoed in the interior. The fully digital, driver-orientated Pure Panel cockpit takes the customer into a completely new world. The human-machine-interface (HMI) offers customers an intuitive operating experience. This expansive cockpit (fully glazed depending on variant) features two 10‑inch displays, integrated – together with the driver’s side air vent – in a horizontal format. “The fully glazed cockpit surface characterises what I call ‘Glass to Edge’, where the glass extends to the edges of the Pure Panel. This creates an exceptionally modern and progressive cockpit look,” says the Opel Vice President Design. And thanks to a shutter-like layer that prevents upward reflections in the windscreen, the design dispenses with a hood over the displays and touchscreens found in most other vehicles.

“Detox to the max” is the basic principle behind the cockpit design. The Opel designers and engineers have taken great care to ensure that the driver receives all the necessary information and useful operating options, but is not burdened with superfluous data or functions. With the physical controls reduced to the minimum in the form of finely crafted keys, the Pure Panel achieves the optimum balance between digitisation and intuitive operation, detoxed of irritating visual stimuli and without the need for sub-menus. Never before has an Opel been so intuitive and easy to operate, ensuring total concentration on driving and road traffic.

Thanks to the Snapdragon® Cockpit Platform, the fully digital Pure Panel cockpit is designed to deliver highly intuitive AI experiences, supporting driver and passenger personalisation, in-car virtual assistance, natural voice control, language understanding, and adaptive human machine interfaces.

There is no need for cables in the new Astra Sports Tourer either, since the new generation of multimedia infotainment systems can be connected as standard on all model variants to wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto via compatible smartphones. Here, too, the maxim was to create a clear, fully functional high-tech design that does not appear cold and impersonal, but rather conveys a feeling of security.

Opel will soon open the order books for the new Astra Sports Tourer so that customers can configure their dream vehicle.

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