Citroën marks the end of production of its popular A-segment city car – Citroën C1. As the last model rolls off the production line at the plant in Kolin, Czech Republic, Citroën is also looking ahead to the future of urban mobility. Changes to working patterns, restricted vehicle usage in city centres – and the need for an ultra-affordable electric solution in response to a host of new urban mobility needs – have led Citroën to refocus on an innovative solution: Ami Electric.

Outside those restricted areas, customers looking for more space and versatility, without compromising on agility or attractive price positioning, will be able to look to the Citroën C3.

Launched in 2005, Citroën C1 amassed almost 1.2 million sales – thanks to its stylish design and practicality for those needing a suitable model for city driving, and because of its compact 3.46m length and its urban agility. Restyled for a second generation in 2014, C1 could adapt to offer customers three and five-door versions, as well as an electric cabrio-style canvas roof on Airscape models. Inside, some second generation versions boasted a 7-inch touchscreen, with Mirror Screen to duplicate the main functions of a smartphone.

C1 offered numerous customisation features, allowing drivers to choose a model to reflect their own personalities, including three roof colours to provide a two-tone effect. Over the years C1 was available in the form of numerous special editions, including collaborations from Jean Charles de Castelbajac and Elle magazine. It also adopted a particularly adventurous look in Urban Ride trim.


As C1 finishes its production run, Citroën Ami Electric prepares to launch in the UK from spring 2022. Ami is not a car, instead it is an innovative and practical mobility solution developed by Citroën to offer affordable, full-electric mobility in selected urban environments. Ami has been genuinely disruptive in its European markets due to its accessibility, affordability and optical pricing. Designed for micro-journeys – and to make the lives of its users easier – Ami benefits from a compact 2.41m length to aid parking in the city. Ami Electric can carry two people, has a range of 46 miles and can be recharged in just three hours, making it the perfect solution for customers looking for a 100%-electric, compact urban mobility solution for local journeys.

For customers who prefer the flexibility of a five-door supermini and who find themselves going beyond the limits of the city, Citroën is pleased to announce that a new version – C3 You! – will launch in the UK in April 2022. New C3 You! will enjoy a starting price from just £12,995 OTR – significantly undercutting the smaller, outgoing C1 when specified in top-of-the-range trim. New C3 You! is inspired by Citroën UK’s on-going commitment to ‘Fair Pricing’ and providing value for customers. Further details on this new C3 model will be detailed later in Q1 2022.

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