Mercedes-Benz collaborates with floral innovators

Sage Flowers, a cutting-edge floristry studio.

Mercedes-Benz has collaborated with emerging floral artists Sage Flowers on a trio of botanical sculptures inspired by Mercedes-Benz vehicles: the EQA, S-Class and G-Class.

London-based Sage Flowers have been shaking up the world of floristry, creating floral displays informed by design and subculture. Inspired by more “unusual flowers, foliage and form,” says co-founder Romy St Clair, the studio has actively moved away from traditional arrangements and are set to modernise the industry.

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class adorned with anthuriums. Photography by Nwaka.

Sage and Future Flowers.

Mercedes-Benz actively partner with creatives that reflect and champion values such as outstanding and intuitive design, creativity, and innovation such as Sage Flowers who, this year, set up Future Flowers. Future Flowers is England’s first free training course which teaches the basics of floristry.

“Working with Mercedes-Benz was a dream, we had three very different cars to create the floral for, each with a very defined brand DNA, allowing us to design three entirely unique concepts. This was an incredibly fun challenge, pulling on different personal experiences and influences,” says Romy St Clair, co-founder

The EQA by Mercedes-EQ within a world of floral arrangements. Photography by Nwaka.

A narrative for each model .

When considering the EQA, a model known for its Active Ambient Lighting and masterful one-bow design, Sage “created a science-fiction setting with dark orbs circling the car, supercharged with flashes of blue light” whilst playing into “the car’s futuristic design.”

For the S-Class, a car renowned for its comfort and smooth, seamless finishing, Sage “built a pillowy cloud of hydrangeas, with the car sitting on top and slowly drifting away into the sky.” When turning to the G-Class, Sage constructed a “slick and contemporary” sculpture made entirely of vibrant anthuriums.

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class floating on a floral cloud. Photography by Nwaka.

A project captured by Nwaka.

As a long-term supporter of emerging talent, Mercedes-Benz commissioned up-and-coming Nigerian and British film director and photographer Nwaka Okparaeke to lens the floral sculptures. Nwaka, who has previously shot magazine covers for Crack and Gal-dem is known for her saturated and ethereal imagery which took both the floristry and Mercedes-Benz vehicles to the next level.

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