Red Bull mindful about F1 rival’s 2022 development gains

Red Bull remains hopeful that its Formula 1 title push didn’t compromise its 2022 development – but says Ferrari ‘smashing’ it out of the park next season could prove it wrong.

The Milton Keynes-based team was locked in a tight fight with Mercedes until the final round of this year for both the drivers’ and constructors’ championship crowns – with honours being split between the two outfits.

“But I think that we’ve all known that big regulation changes are coming for 2022 and we’ve applied our resource accordingly.

“I’m sure each team has done what they feel is right and it’s put pressure on the organisation, of course. But that’s where I think the team have been outstanding, because to keep a development rate on a new set of regulations and keep a focus on this year’s car has taken a monumental effort. The commitment shown by all of the team, throughout the team, has been phenomenal.

“But we will only see when we come back in a couple of months’ time, with completely new cars. They look different, they’re going to feel different, they’re going to drive differently – and who’s got it right, who’s got it wrong? It all starts again.

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