Despite very challenging market conditions in the industry, Suzuki GB finishes the year with some very good accolades and strong sales results too. Suzuki is also one of very few brands that can offer 100 per cent Hybrid as standard across its passenger car range which comprises of Ignis, Swift, Vitara, S-Cross, Swace and Across (PHEV) models.

The good news began back in the Summer with Suzuki customers again voting the brand as the best in the Automotive industry in the UK CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index). The index ranks over 260 organisations across all the customer serving industries and Suzuki was third overall, just behind First Direct and John Lewis.

Suzuki owners praised the friendliness and efficiency of their dealers whether they were buying a new car, booking in for a service or just buying a replacement bulb, the consistency of good customer service is always there and helps emphasise why so many customers remain loyal to the brand.

As a further way of communicating and to help convert more new customers, Suzuki introduced its 14-day exchange plan earlier this year. Suzuki is currently the only brand offering this to provide private new car customers with 100 per cent confidence should a purchase not suit their needs.

Internal research has shown that since the introduction of the 14-day exchange plan and out of 15,377 private retail registrations this year to date, less than 0.20 per cent of customers have opted to return their new car and the majority of those have chosen another Suzuki from the range.

In summary, if a customer changes their mind within 14 days, they can simply return it to the selling dealer with no quibble whatsoever. Various terms and conditions apply including a 400 miles limit, availability to private retail customers only and providing the dealer 24 hours’ notice of return.

With regards to its Dealer network, Suzuki also scores consistently well in the NFDA (National Franchised Dealer Association) survey whereby dealers are regularly asked to poll what a manufacturer is like to deal with, its transparency as well as the support offered to them. Suzuki has consistently tracked way above the industry average over a 10-year period and more recently was praised for its early support and response to its 150 dealers, especially when facing difficulty during the pandemic lockdown periods.

In Aftersales, the Suzuki Service Promise helps improve customer retention even further from a superior level of care with simple and transparent pricing, providing customers with a clear progress report and only ever carrying out pre-approved work. A wash and vacuum is offered on all pre-booked service work too and Accident Aftercare is offered in the event of a collision.

Most recently, the results of the 2022 What Car? Reliability Survey were announced in which readers report on their car ownership experience from six up to 15 years old. Of the 27 car brands measured, Suzuki is at the top of the brand league table with a score of 97.0 per cent.

Owners praised Suzuki for having very few faults to report in their ownership as well as being inexpensive to repair. The Vitara recorded no faults at all from owners and was one of only three cars measured to score 100 per cent in the survey.

Suzuki’s latest introduction to the range is the new S-Cross Hybrid model that goes on sale in January in the UK and Republic of Ireland. S-Cross now has an even higher safety and standard equipment specification than before and is also available with ALLGRIP Select 4WD technology.

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