Fully Charged: Video Review of Opel Year 2021

Rüsselsheim.  2021 was an extraordinary year for Opel, full of challenges but also fully charged with energy. Despite the constraints caused by the pandemic and the semi-conductor crisis, Opel’s electrification offensive continued at full power. Sensational design statements like the new Opel Astra and the successful Opel Mokka are the proof, as are unique concepts such as the Manta GSe ElektroMOD and the new Rocks-e electric quadricycle. Opel customers can now choose from nine electrified models and the “Opel Greenovation” drives on. These and many more highlights from 2021 are shown in the cool video “Best of Opel 2021: Simply Electric!” – a fast-cut review packed into little more than 70 seconds.

Bold, pure and unconventional: Opel Mokka and Opel Mokka-e

The Opel Mokka, the first Opel with the Opel Vizor new brand front end and the all-digital Pure Panel is bold, pure and simply different from everything that went before. That was reflected in the launch campaign under the motto “Less normal. More Mokka”, followed by the “Less Normal Experience” world premiere. For the first time, a car manufacturer organised a virtual DJ night. The new Opel Mokka became a hit and the battery-electric Mokka-e won the “Golden Steering Wheel 2021”.

Rousing the emotions: Unique Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD

“Hit” also applies to a hero of a bygone era that made a glorious comeback this year. The legendary Opel Manta returned as the battery-electric, emissions-free Manta GSe ElektroMOD (MOD stands for modern technology and sustainable lifestyle and the abbreviation of “modification”). A car that rouses the emotions and catches the eye with amazing details such as the Opel Pixel Vizor.

Fans and friends of the brand can also stir automotive treasures from their slumber – since the summer, via mouse click and 24/7. Opel Classic now offers virtual theme tours through an extensive collection of more than 120 years of automobile manufacturing and 159 years of brand history.

Zero-emissions motor sport: Opel Corsa-e Rally and ADAC Opel e-Rally Cup

Exciting emissions-free motor sport was delivered by the rally version of Opel’s bestselling small car, the Corsa. The Opel Corsa-e Rally celebrated its debut season in the ADAC Opel e-Rally Cup, the world’s first one-make cup for battery-electric rally cars.

Confident, electrified, efficient: New Opel Astra makes a statement

Opel grabbed the headlines with a double-premiere on September 1. Uwe Hochgeschurtz made his first appearance as new Opel CEO and presented, on his first day at work, the sensational new Opel Astra hatchback. The newest generation of the bestselling compact features breath-taking design and is packed with innovative technologies. For the first time the Astra is also electrified – as an electric plug-in hybrid already at launch and in 2023 as the battery-electric Astra-e.

True to the motto “detox to the max”, the Astra development team – half of them women, by the way – created a real designer masterpiece. The new Opel Astra brings the latest evolution of the adaptive Intelli-Lux LED® Pixel Light to the compact class. A leap in time has taken place in the interior too. With the all-digital Pure Panel, analogue instruments are a thing of the past. Instead, customers operate the new Astra’s cockpit intuitively via extra-wide touchscreens, just like a smartphone.

The new Opel Grandland also follows the brand’s bold and pure design philosophy. In addition to combustion engines, the SUV flagship is available with two variants of plug-in hybrid drive, the Opel Vizor and an all-digital cockpit, as well as state of the art technologies. The innovations range from Intelli-Lux LED® Pixel Light and Night Vision to electric all-wheel drive. Another addition to Opel’s battery-electric portfolio this year is the Opel Combo-e Life, joining its big brother, the all-electric Opel Zafira-e Life MPV (multi-purpose vehicle).

Intelligent “Greenovation”: Opel’s all-electric LCV trio

With the Opel Combo-e , the Opel Vivaro-e “International Van of the Year 2021” and the new Opel Movano-e, LCV (light commercial vehicle) customers can benefit from the “Greenovation” of the brand and choose a battery-electric variant of every Opel LCV. In addition, an innovative Opel hydrogen fuel cell van made its debut. The Opel Vivaro-e HYDROGEN needs only three minutes to refuel with hydrogen – about the same time needed to fill up a conventional diesel or petrol car. The driving range is more than 400 kilometres (WLTP1).

Entry-ticket: New Opel Rocks-e offers teenagers zero-emissions mobility

At the end of the year, Opel presented another all-electric vehicle for emissions-free mobility in the city. The new Opel Rocks-e SUM (Sustainable Urban Mobility) is the battery-electric quadricycle that nearly any driver can afford. The Rocks-e can already be driven in Germany by young people from 15 years of age who hold the AM driving licence2.

Opel is driving electrically into next year too, when the new Opel Astra Sports Tourer will make its premiere as a plug-in hybrid. The whole model portfolio will be electrified by 2024 and as of 2028 Opel will offer exclusively battery-electric vehicles.

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