New episode of video documentary gives exclusive insights behind the scenes of BMW Team RLL and the LMDh project.

Munich. When the LMDh project got underway, BMW M Motorsport launched a new real-time video documentary that gives exclusive insights behind the scenes, follows those in charge closely and gives viewers totally new perspectives of major decision-making processes: ‘MBEDDED’. The third episode covers Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta (USA). It shows BMW Team RLL and the drivers looking at images of the BMW M LMDh for the first time and captures their reactions. The video also gives a profile of team principal Bobby Rahal. It is available on the BMW M Motorsport YouTube channel via the following link: .

“Sexy, aggressive, gorgeous, a powerful statement” are the words that came to the minds of members of BMW Team RLL and the BMW M works drivers on seeing the first images of the new BMW M LMDh, which they were allowed to take a look at behind closed doors at Petit Le Mans. They were joined by a camera crew, who documented all the action surrounding the announcement of BMW Team RLL as the LMDh team up close and personal for the third episode of ‘MBEDDED’. The video follows the key players in the LMDh project at BMW M Motorsport, Mike Krack and Maurizio Leschiutta, at their top-secret meetings over the course of the weekend.

‘MBEDDED’ also gives profiles of team principal Bobby Rahal and his crew, who are set to do battle for overall wins in the IMSA series for BMW M Motorsport as of 2023. “I can’t find the words to describe just how excited and proud I am that we are being given this opportunity to race this car for BMW M Motorsport,” said Rahal during an interview in his motorhome. “It’s a huge compliment for us. And the main reason it is so exciting is that we will be able to do battle for overall wins.”

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