In the European Diversity Month, Automobili Lamborghini confirms its commitment to diversity, inclusion and equality with innovative programs

In the European Diversity Month promoted by the European Union, Automobili Lamborghini confirms and renews its commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion. For years, the Sant’Agata Bolognese Company has carried out a series of innovative programs with the aim of creating an increasingly inclusive corporate culture, which is focused on reconciling the search for individual meaning with the broader search for collective meaning, contributing to the generation and sharing of value through an ethical and sustainable approach to business.

Umberto Tossini, Chief Human Capital Officer of Automobili Lamborghini, stated: “We stand by the European Union in the fight against stereotypes and in the promotion of a culture that gives appropriate space to self-expression. Automobili Lamborghini has for years developed initiatives and programs that make the corporate culture increasingly inclusive, in full appreciation of the centrality of our people. A strategy that is based on the conviction that diversity is wealth, and that this wealth comes from the encounter between different perspectives and skills, capable of generating a unique value for the company and its people.”

The House of Sant’Agata Bolognese has encouraged the increase of women employees over the years by hiring highly qualified female professionals, especially those with a background of studies in STEM fields. Many of these women hold significant leadership roles, heading up teams that are traditionally male-dominated. Since 2018, Lamborghini has also guaranteed equal pay between female and male employees with the same qualifications and duties.  

Also in regard to gender diversity, Lamborghini belongs to the Capo D network, a community of businesses supporting equal opportunities promoted by the Metropolitan City of Bologna, which includes a number of large companies in the area. The aim of this network is to create a unified system among the member companies and pursue the strategic objectives of implementing company policies in support of equal opportunities, home-work balance and the fight against discrimination, engaging in local schools to combat gender stereotypes from an early age.

The photo shows Erika Puccetti, Aventador Assembly Line Forewoman, stated “Being a female department head in manufacturing is not easy, especially in a male-dominated team. It takes a lot more effort to be credible and have authority. There’s a tendency to think that just because you’re a woman you’re not suited to understand certain technical aspects. I’ve always liked challenges! I’m happy that a company like Lamborghini has decided to invest in women in production; in my office, for example, there are two female and two male department heads. In addition, I consider myself very lucky because, despite being the first female head of department in the Aventador line, I found a team that supports me and helps me grow personally and professionally.”

Lamborghini seeks to initiate virtuous processes in the way of doing business today, safeguarding social values and offering a better future to the generations of today and those of tomorrow, supporting the personal and professional growth of each individual. Support for diversity and inclusion also involves projects aimed at reducing the generation gap in the company, where more than 50% of the workforce is made up of Millennials and Generation Z. In addition to Up-Skilling and Re-Skilling activities, Lamborghini has launched a reverse mentoring project, aimed at fostering the transfer of transversal knowledge between junior employees and senior professionals, with a view to continuous improvement of skills and inclusion of newcomers. The company also signed a trade union agreement aimed at encouraging generational change.

The aim of this agreement was to make the most of the experience of employees nearing retirement, in synergy with current legislation, providing for the entry of the same number of young people with new skills and professional profiles.

We wanted to take as an example Antonio Aurucci, Head of Urus Assembly Line, together with his colleague Francesca Venturi, Urus Assembly Line Forewoman. Antonio says: “The mutual exchange between different generations is crucial also at work: traditional experience and skills on one side, digital innovation and energy on the other, oriented and aimed at continuous improvement, motivation, and a sense of belonging, through new paradigms of communication.

Francesca, following the words of her mentor, maintains that: “Reverse mentoring is a fundamental tool made available by the company for mutual personal and professional growth. The exchange regarding the experiences lived, the skills acquired and the different points of view of different generations is the basis of the mutual development.

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